我欲为人 第四季

我欲为人 第四季

名称:我欲为人 第四季







主演:拉塞尔·托维 戴米恩·莫隆尼 勒诺拉·克里奇洛 迈克尔·索恰 

时间更新:2019-10-13 10:12:11





《我欲为人 第四季》剧情介绍

Nina has been killed in a vampire attack and the gang now has to take care of baby Eve, whose werewolf heritage appears to have attracted the attention of vampire overlords known as the Old Ones. George dies while rescuing Eve, leaving her in the custody of Tom (who moves into Honolulu Heights) and Annie. Hal later turns up and becomes the new vampire at Honolulu Heights. Lawyer Nick Cutler, a vampire created by Hal in 1950, plans to expose werewolves as part of a larger plan involving a vampire conquest of Earth. Cutler tries to get Hal back to his old ways of drinking blood and eventually succeeds in breaking Hal down. The blood sends Hal into overdrive and he repulses Alex, whom he is dating, with his crude and unusual behaviour when they meet for a second date. Alex leaves angrily but is followed by one of Cutler's men. Meanwhile, Eve, from the future, reveals to Annie that in her future, most of humankind are dead or living in concentration camps and vampires now rule every inch of the world. Annie is shocked to learn that Hal is the ruthless leader of the new vampire revolution. To save the world, Eve asks Annie to kill her when she is a baby. Cutler reveals Alex's dead body drained of blood as revenge for Hal murdering his wife in similar fashion in 1950. Cutler then locks Hal up but Alex returns as a ghost and helps Hal escape. The Old Ones then arrive in Barry. To save the world Annie blows up Eve and The Old Ones, therefore saving the world, which is her unfinished business. The series ends with Hal, Alex and Tom living together in Honolulu Heights.

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